Speed Humps

Rubber Speed Humps Sydney, Australia

We are a reputable supplier of speed humps for both the commercial and residential areas of Sydney. We have a wide range of humps that covers a long section of road. Humps are less aggressive than bumps and permit the vehicles to travel faster and yet still prevent them from excessive speeding. These are perfect, especially for the residential roads, like caravan parks, educational campuses, etc. where the speed limit is typically between 30-50 km/h. In short, speed humps are a good option for long traversal distance since it leads to lesser speed reduction and that makes them a good option for private roads.
Rubber Speed Humps
We provide rubber humps that are made from high-quality rubber in either black or yellow colour. They can be laid in an alternating pattern to meet the shape, height, colour and ramp angle to conform with Australian standards. They are perfect for low traffic areas such as townhouses or for short term installations.
Polyethylene Speed Humps
These form a modular speed control system that consists of 250 mm long independent modules that come with rounded end caps. These speed humps in Sydney are manufactured using high technology, premium quality polyethylene in solid colours. These humps will not crack or rust or rot either. They have enhanced night visibility due to the built-in prismatic reflectors. These are perfect for shopping centers, car parks, schools, factory complexes and at all places where the vehicle speeds need to be controlled.
Steel Speed Humps
These are truly independent modular humps that are super strong as well. Each speed hump has a pair of end caps that are moulded from extremely durable rubber. You can also have the end caps made of steel as well. These are good for car parks, factory complexes, shopping centers, etc.
Heavy Duty Steel Speed Humps
As the name suggests, these are used for very heavy vehicles and hence are best for the use in factories, transport depots, terminals, etc. The chassis comes with 6 mm floor plate along with 6 bolt fixings that make it virtually indestructible. We also have one-way tire spikes with independent retracting teeth for one-way movement of the vehicles. These work well for hire-car locations and to restrict access in residential areas where vehicle theft is an issue or where there are many illegal entries to the site. All our speed humps in Sydney are designed by keeping in mind the set standards for them. Some of them can be used without the end caps as well. They come with the appropriate fixing hardware for installation. Even when the fixings are concealed, they can be accessed easily. Moreover, they have a built-in bridge for accommodating the cables and hose. If you need speed humps at your location, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way.