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Kings Linemarking provides the best line marking removal service in Sydney. We use a combination of efficient techniques to remove redundant lines. We can completely remove all the traces of line from the parking lot, footpaths, roads, and everywhere else where these lines are no more required.

Environmentally friendly

We have designed our services based on the principles of environmental impact and safety. We try to send out the message that the best solutions are the ones that don’t harm nature. We can provide a solution that does not raise too much dust by mixing water with other materials. We don’t believe in sand or soda blasting. We use methods that are environmentally sustainable, dustless and pose no harm or threat to your health and environment in any way. We never compromise on the quality of our work. So you can be confident when you hire Kings Linemarking for line marking removal in Sydney that you are helping the environment.

Line marking removal options

We adopt various methods for line marking removal in Sydney. Here is a little explanation about how we do our work.

Water Blasting - We use ultra-high-pressure water blasting to remove the old paint and then we vacuum the excess water and removed paint to deliver the cleanest job and leaving no mess behind. If you want to repaint the surface where the line markings have been removed, this is the best solution for line marking removal for you. After the surface dries, you can paint the new lines. If there are chlorinated rubber based or waterborne paint spills, coatings, etc., this process is the best choice.

Paint - The most common and cost-effective way to cover the unwanted lines is blackout paint. In this method, the paint that matches the colour of the base floor. Once it is blacked out, you can paint markings over it, or leave it unmarked.

Shot Blasting - In this method, small metal beads that hit the surface at a high rate and power. This chips away at the thick surfaces and coated lines. If you are planning to re-texture the surface before applying the epoxy or sealer and repainting the lines, this is the best method of line marking removal at your Sydney site. You can also opt for this method if you are planning to restore skid-resistance to the area.

Surface Grinding - This method is preferred if you are looking to add the texture back to the surface for painting or sealing around the lines. This is a messier choice, but it removes the lines completely.

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Do you have lines that you need covered or removed completely? At KINGS, we provide our clients with four effective solutions:


01. High Pressure Water Blasting

Using a high-pressure water blaster to remove the unwanted paint and a vacuum to recover the removed paint and excess water, this is the cleanest and no mess left behind option. If you are repainting the surface where the lines were removed, this is the best option as the new lines can be done once the surface is dry. High pressure water blasting will work best on Waterborne and chlorinated-rubber based coatings, paint spills and more.


02. Black Out Paint

Black Out painting over lines is the most common and cost effective way to cover non wanted lines. Using a paint that matches the base floor colour, lines can be covered and then when new lines, letters or numbers are needing to be repainted, they are clear and visible.


03. Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a removal method using small metal beads hitting the surface at high power and rate to chip away at thick coated lines and surfaces. This process is most common for line removal where the surface is being re-textured prior to applying sealers or epoxy’s and then re-painting lines. This process is also suited to roads where skid resistance is needing to be restored.


04. Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is the preferred way to add texture back to the surface around lines especially for repainting or sealing. Surface grinding is rotating disks that grind away the paint and coatings. This can be a messy option though ensures the unwanted lines are completely removed. It is highly recommended a surface sweep or surface scrub is booked in after grinding to make sure all surface dust is removed from the surface.

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