Line markings are essential everywhere and that includes parking areas.
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Car Park Chaos

and Customer Loss

Jay Hutch
Car Park Line Marking
April 14, 2018

Without line markings, we would have chaos on our roads. For some business, without proper, well organised marked lines in their car parking areas, they could also be losing their customers.

Once you step out of your own house and start driving your vehicle, you see different line markings along your way. But what if there are no line markings? What do you think will happen?

Every driver would cruise around the roads as they please, accelerate and take random stops and turns. Pedestrians would walk, run and cross our roads everywhere and anywhere and people with disabilities would most likely find traffic impossible to navigate.

Line markings are essential everywhere and that includes parking areas. Yes, you will find marking lines in car parks as well!

If you own a business, manage one, or about to open one, see to it that you action this. Make sure you will show your concern to your potential customers by providing them with organised car parks. You should be providing a car parking area that has clear and visible marking lines for the drivers to see right away the allotted space for every car.

Think about it, before your potential customers get inside your business establishment, they need to park their vehicles first. If they will find out that you don’t have proper parking area or it is disorganised and / or markings barely visible, trust us they will leave and head on over to spend their hard earned with one of your competitors.

Not only could you lose consumers and therefore income for your business, you could be met with safety issues and accidents. It is critical that people's safety is kept a priority in order to reduce any risk of accidents. Durable and clear markings play a vital part in ensuring the safety and efficiency of car park facilities, as they direct and control all forms of traffic.

An unorganised parking area will lead to haphazard traffic as drivers will park their cars everywhere and anywhere they can fit them. A chance of hitting other vehicles which causes scrapes and dents is also a possibility which you could be viable for. Even worse there could be a danger to pedestrians that might be walking into or out of your business, office or store. Line markings make it very clear that the cars should be parked in a particular direction and manner, so that the driving area is hassle free and accommodates adequate number of vehicles.

Line marking in car parks should supplement other traffic control devices or may be used alone to convey certain regulations, warnings and guidance to drivers. To support the safe, effective flow of traffic within your facility, KINGS Linemarking can work with you for your line marking requirements and assist planning your traffic flow. We can a accurately assess and estimate costs for any project.

We provide services for:

  • Car Park Bays
  • Disabled / Pram Parking Bays
  • Large / Small Parking Bays
  • Reserved Parking Signs
  • Numbered Parking Bays
  • Pedestrian Walkways / Crossings
  • Entry / Exits Signs
  • Directional and Turning Arrows
  • Speed Limits
  • Surface Sealing
  • Any other lettering and numbering
  • Car Park Cleaning