There is a new king in town! Well, KINGS have a new look ;)
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A Big Step Forward

for the KINGS

Dylan Casey
New Look
April 13, 2018

KINGS Linemarking has taken a big step forward in 2018. Not only have we moved forward our business, upping our workload, projects and kilometres on the road, we have moved forward how we are seen as a company and a brand.

We are pumped to be launching our new logo and to unveil our website!

We had been thinking of a fresh new look for some time, however you know what it is like - when you are busy with jobs they and the client become your sole focus. It can be a struggle to find the time to work on your own business. I am sure many business owners can relate. However, we take our business very seriously. We want to look like we mean business. It was our aim to look as professional as our devotion and dedication to our work.

We contacted a friend of ours, a graphic designer and website developer who takes his work and output as serious as we do ours. We got Mark Taggart of Tagzart Design to hook us up with a new logo and to get to stuck into making our website. And here we are, and how good do we look!

KINGS Linemarking Logo Design

We are pretty stoked with what he has produced. Check him out and give him a buzz if you have some design need doing. He is an easy going fella, who is easy to work with, who produces the goods.

Anyway, we have a new look, a home base on the web and a new enthusiasm to take on 2018 and all the projects that come KINGS way!